When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Windows in Your Home?

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Replacement windows offer a simple refresh that can help revamp the exterior of your home, conserve more energy and save you money down the road. As we gear up for spring cleaning, it’s helpful to think about when you want to take on a bigger home improvement project.

Keep reading to learn about why certain seasons are better than others for window replacement, along with factors to consider and signs it’s time to replace yours.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

Whether your current windows are decades old or new to you, replacing them can have several benefits. Upgrading to a new window allows you to hand-select one that best fits your home’s specific style and needs. Today, windows are made with quality materials that ensure a tighter seal, improve your home’s energy efficiency and help protect against UV rays.

What Seasons Are Best for Replacing Windows?

The best time to replace windows really depends on your needs and the current state of the window. Broken windows compromise your home’s security and ability to maintain comfortable temperatures year-round, so we recommend getting a specialist out to your home right away to address it. For replacement window projects that are less urgent, consider your schedule and whether a construction off-season, like winter, is more appealing for your budget.

Here we’ll look at some advantages and disadvantages of getting new windows during each season.


Spring is one of the most ideal times to replace your window since it’s not too cold and not too hot. Keeping your window open for the installation process won’t break the bank with energy loss. However, keep in mind that this is a popular time for others to replace their windows and may lead to more competition in finding an available appointment. We advise looking ahead to schedule a window replacement in spring to beat the rush. Also, be wary of rain storms that like to sneak up and can lead to unexpected project delays. 


Like spring, summer is another popular time of year to replace your window thanks to its warmer climate and the increased interest in lowering your A/C bill with energy-efficient windows. Since many are away on vacations and busy with outings, you may find it easier to schedule an appointment. This time of year also has lots of daylight, providing plenty of light for workers when installing.


Fall can be slightly cold in Wichita, making it challenging to replace your windows without letting in a draft. Fortunately, professional installers are experienced in the process and can complete your installation in as little as a day. With this in mind, you can schedule an appointment fairly easily and enjoy your replacement products sooner. Fall is also a great time to take precautions in sealing your windows before winter arrives.


Of the four seasons, winter is typically the least common time to replace your window since it gets very cold. However, if your windows are broken or letting in a cold draft, you’ll want to get them replaced as soon as possible to ensure a comfortable temperature in your home. One advantage of getting replacement windows in the winter is that it’s off-season, meaning contractors are less busy and you’ll have less waiting time. Though surprise snow storms may occur, your installation team will work quickly and efficiently to ensure successful project completion.

What Are Signs You Should Replace Your Windows?

Windows often give several warnings that they may no longer be performing for your home. The following are some signs that it may be time to replace your windows:

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