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One of our most popular styles, our double-hung windows are the essence of tradition. Blending modern functionality with a classic design, they will meet all of your home’s needs.

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Double-hung windows are a classic style for your home. While some features may change based on the series, all double-hung windows offer these desirable benefits:

  • 100% virgin vinyl material that will never chip, peel, crack or warp
  • Tilt-in top and bottom sashes that allow for simple, hassle-free maintenance and cleaning
  • Extreme durability from sturdy materials and metal reinforcement

Double-hung window colors to meet your specific taste.

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*Color options may vary based on package, dimensions and more.

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Double-Hung Series

1000 Series Double-Hung

The perfect marriage of functionality and affordability, the 1000 series of double-hung windows from Window World of Wichita are a great choice for any homeowner.


  • Added weather protection thanks to a protective hollow bulb seal and wind flap
  • Strength and durability provided by fully extruded double wall lift rails
  • Sloped sill to force water to drain to window’s exterior
  • Double barrier-fin weatherstripping at sash sides
  • Hard shell dual durometer sash glazing for structural integrity

4000 Series Double-Hung

Our 4000 Series double-hung windows not only add a beautiful element of design to your home, but they also improve energy-efficiency and offer superior durability that will last for many years to come.


  • Fusion-welded sash & mainframe adds strength and rigidity.
  • Fully extruded lift rail adds strength, durability and ease of operation
  • Hidden screen track produces clean lines and added beauty
  • Protective hollow bulb seal at sill for added weather protection

6000 Series Double-Hung

The most advanced double-hung window we offer, the 6000 series exceeds performance expectations in every area. These windows offer the best in design, energy-efficiency and strength.


  • Quad 4 weatherstripping at the header
  • Triple-barrier weatherstripping between sash and jamb
  • Compression bulb seal at the sill for further weather protection
  • Hidden screen track produces clean lines
  • Fully extruded lift rails for strength & durability
  • Fusion-welded sash & mainframe adds strength and rigidity

What is energy efficiency?

Energy-Efficient Windows

Upgrade your Wichita home with energy-efficient vinyl windows! Discover the features that save you money month after month.

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Your Questions, Answered

Double-Hung Windows FAQs

What are double-hung windows?

This classic window style has both top and bottom panes that open and close independently of each other.

Reinforced narrow silhouette frame and sash profiles make a statement of style with their low-profile design. The result is a beautiful and expanded glass area.

At the same time, internal chambers increase structural integrity, rigidity and energy efficiency.

Are double-hung windows energy efficient?

Yes! You’ll save on heating and cooling costs with the SolarZone™ TG2 Elite™ insulated glass package. In warm weather, it reduces solar heat gain, minimizes glare, and lowers glass temperature. When the weather is cool, it delivers outstanding thermal performance to maintain comfort. This package  meets all ENERGY STAR requirements.

What are the size dimensions of double-hung windows?

Our double-hung windows are built to fit your home’s specific measurements. Contact us to learn size specifications of our different models.

Does this window style provide long-lasting durability?

Yes! When extreme wind and weather hit, our proprietary sill interlock stands strong. Traditional slope sill designs can allow the sash to bow during powerful winds, but with our interlocking sash-to-sill technology, the sash is channeled firmly into the window frame for a unified wall of strength.

How do you clean double hung windows?

Double hung windows from Window World are made with tilt-in sashes. This means both the top and bottom sashes can be tilted inwards to make it easy to clean both the interior and exterior of your windows.

To do this, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Unlock and raise your window about 2”.
  2. Move the wash assist tabs so they’re between the sash and the frame.
  3. Carefully pull the lower sash towards you and rest it on another object for support (be sure not to tilt it more than 90 degrees).
  4. Next, you’ll want to lower the upper sash. To do this, slide the tilt latches to the top and lower the top window sash, leaving an inch or more of space between it and the lower sash.
  5. Push the tilt latches inwards and tilt the upper sash inwards towards you, and rest it carefully on the lower sash.

Follow these instructions, and you’ll be able to properly clean and care for each and every crevice of your double hung windows.

What is the difference between single and double hung windows?

Both single hung and double hung windows have window sashes that slide vertically. On single hung windows, only the bottom sash can slide, while the top sash is fixed and static. On double hung windows, both sashes can slide as desired.

How are double hung windows installed?

All Window World double hung windows are installed by our factory trained installation team. This includes properly setting, leveling and caulking to ensure your new windows are a perfect fit. Find out more about our window installation process.

How do you open double hung windows?

For double hung windows, both sashes can slide and allow the window to open. To open the lower sash, simply unlock the sash and slide it upwards. To open the upper sash, you’ll need to unlock your lower sash, and gently lower the upper sash to your desired position.

How do you lock double hung windows?

To lock your double hung window, it’s important to check the alignment of your locks. Make sure that your upper sash is pushed all the way up and your lower sash is pushed completely to down so they’re fully sealed. This will allow your locks to be secured without any obstructions.

Are double hung windows energy efficient?

Yes! All Window World double hung windows are ENERGY STAR® Certified. Our windows are constructed with Low-E glass, warm-edge spacers, and insulated vinyl framing, all designed to optimize your window’s energy efficiency. Find out more about the energy efficiency of Window World windows.

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